We need the help from your school to enable us to fulfil our aim in celebrating diversity in Wiltshire. While we are founded as a LGBT Pride group, we all hope that we will be able to offer support for everyone, enabling them to have a platform on which to celebrate their own Pride to build a more supportive community together.
To achieve this, we need your help! We have a PRIDE TED (a small teddy bear, complete with rainbow attributes) and we are hoping to have Ted attend school for a week at all the schools in the area; maybe he could be looked after by a specific class and we can see what Ted has been up to while he has been with you. Alternatively, we could even have a travelling Ted and students could take him on their travels!
If you are interested in having TED visit your school please let us know by email at info@trowbridgepride.com and we can arrange to come in and have a chat or drop off TED.

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