Quiz and Cocktails – Delightful!

We opened up with a Quiz and Cocktail night back in Jan 2019. We were unsure what to expect for attendance as it was not ticketed, so we had no way of knowing how many would show up.

Luckily for us, we almost had a full house at Leykers Coffee Shop! We were so overwhelmed and excited by the local community’s support.

The entry fees went into the prize pot for the big winners, and the winners were then super generous and donated over half of it to our newly formed committee! Just lovely.

A massive thank you to Leykers for hosting us, and putting on such delicious food and drink.

We’d also like to thank Trowbridge Town Council for not only generating the quiz for us, making it bespoke to what we wanted, but for going round with a collection bucket to help raise even more money for our committee.

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